Our Saviors Lutheran Church - Skogdalen Lutheran Church -ELCA 
On behalf of the members of our Savior's and Skogdalen Lutheran Churches, welcome to the Westby area.
Westby is a small community filled with hometown friendliness, and big-city conveniences are just 30 minutes away! 
Pastor John Dumke

Rededication Celebration 

Sunday, September 25

Bishop Jim Arends will be with us to celebrate the completion of our renovation ministry.

Following Worship, we will enjoy a good old fashion Hog Roast.

Plan now to attend and bring friends to join in the festivities.

 Join us for a very special day of worship, food and celebration!  We give thanks to God for the privilege and ability to renovate our church

 building to enhance Jesus’ Ministry at Our Saviors!  We give thanks to the people who financially support  this ministry.  We give thanks to those


 who have been leaders in this process. We give thanks for all those who use this marvelous building throughout the week and on Sundays.


 We give thanks for those people who have come to know of Gods Love by being welcomed to use this building in so many ways.



 Birthday Bags ... 

If you would like to participate in the Birthday Bags Program again, it would be much appreciated!  The children in the Westby & Coon Valley Elementary Schools received a birthday bag last year at the time of their birthday (summer birthdays also received one at some point during the school year).  They loved it! 

 We need all birthday bags to be uniform so that there is no difference in any of the bags.  In order to do this, please include ONLY the following  items: 
Basic Cake Mix, frosting, 2 single servings of applesauce (this is a substitute for the eggs & oil), a pan (please go with a shorter pan so that it will fit into the bags better), a “Happy Birthday” banner, and a plain, basic bag. 


 If you are a member of a group / organization and would like to make a donation toward the cost of purchasing items to put  these bags together, you can do that too!  Please make your check payable to WCP and write “Birthday Bags” on the memo line.  Your generosity is felt and appreciated very much!!


Worship Theme

Created and called by God for a purpose - to tend and care for creation - we are given a promise, to be counted among the stars of God’s family. Within this family, God creates a way for us to survive, that out of death and despair, we are freed into the light of new life. But we forget God’s story. We fall away from the purpose for which we have been created. We grow impatient with God’s plan. So where does that leaves us? With a God, who loves us deeply, knows us by name, hears our prayers, remembers us each day and promises to wait for us through the very end.

Sept. 11, 2016    Creation and Fall     Genesis 2:4b-7, 15-17

Created and called by God for a purpose (to “steward,” tend and care for creation), humankind is given the unique gift of “open eyes.” We know our Creator, and we know our place in creation; the tension in this vision of the world is that we must embrace our calling, and resist the temptation to reach above ourselves and our place, thinking that we are “like God.”

Sept. 18, 2016     Abraham’s Descendants Genesis 15:1-6

Abraham’s descendants are created by God’s promise.

Abraham is anxious that he will not live to see God’s promise – that he will make of him a great nation (Genesis 12:1-3). When God reiterates the promise, Abraham believes in God’s promise, he trusts that God’s word is good; this trust is the source of Abraham’s “righteousness” before God.

Sept. 25, 2016    Joseph, the Dreamer

Genesis 37:3-8,17-22, 26-34; 50:15-21

God creates a way for the chosen people to survive by giving Joseph the gift of dreams – seeing a vision for his family’s future. Joseph’s gift causes division in the family, but his  forgiveness (a model of both     Divine and human forgiveness) “works for good,” out of the bad.

Oct. 2, 2016 Passover and Deliverance Exodus 12:1- 14; 13:1-10

The people of Israel are told to make a “day of remembrance,” in which the story of the Passover, and God’s delivering God’s people from captivity is told and retold. In worship, people remember and tell the story of what God has done for them. We do this in our worship as well; in the Passover and in the Lord’s Supper, we are telling how God creates freedom, and new life, and a nation/church, out of death and despair.