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 Many have asked how they can still make their offerings to Our Saviors during this time of social distancing.
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Weekly Service Handouts


Being the Body of Christ Together

 On-Line  Facebook-Like our Facebook page, Our Saviors-Skogdalen

We will be holding three Live gatherings with recordings available after the live event.

Worship On-Line
Sundays 10 am - A time of Worship with music, prayers, scripture, meditation, offering

Wednesday Mornings with Pastor John
Wednesday at 10 am - a mixture of reflection, devotion, scripture and prayer.

Thursday Bible Time with PJ
Thursdays at 11 am   Think of it as story time as Pastor John will read from the beginners Bible and also have recourses to use at home.  This is for people of all ages.

We will be offering Zoom Times through out the week.  We are working on Zoom times for a variety of groups and times. 

E– Mail 
Each week we send out our E-Word,  if you are not receiving it make sure to check your Spam folder and/or send an e-mail to oursav@mwt.net to update your information

A great way to stay in touch!  It will come from (844) 956-1035 and begin with “Pastor John Here” if you are not a text please e-mail oursave@mwt.net or call 630-675-8910 to update your contact information

To view online services click below. 
Even if you do not have facebook, you will still be able to view the videos.
Online services will be each Sunday and Wednesday at 10am CST.
Our Saviors-Skogdalen Churches

Wednesday On-line Time with Pastor John 10:00 am  

We will be exploring what it means to be the Church

in this time of uncertainty.

Worship at 10 am Sunday on Facebook

There will be worship handouts available on our Facebook page and our website.

All our worships will be saved on our Facebook page and Website and on channel 15  

Vernon Communications Channel 15 Worship schedule

         Sunday                    7:30 am                10:00 pm   

         Monday                    6:30 am                 9:00 pm 

         Tuesday                  11:30 am

         Wednesday               2:00 am                 4:30 pm

         Thursday                  7:00 am                 9:30 pm

         Friday                       Noon

         Saturday                  2:30 am                 5:00 pm

Feel free to call or e-mail Pastor John 630-675-8910 jfdumke@gmail.com 

Off-Line Options

Daily Reflections - I will be recording a short devotion that you can listen to by calling the church  office 608- 634-4871 between 5pm and 9am.

Mail - Let Rhonda (608- 634-4871) know if you would like information mailed to you on a weekly basis


Our Saviors-Skogdalen Holy Week

Needless to say, this is a very different Holy Week for us!  No Maundy Thursday communion, no community Good Friday worship, no Easter lilies.  For me it is disorienting, confusing and to be truthful scary. On top of that I have no idea what’s going to happen next week, next month or even a year from now!  As I reflect upon these unsettling feelings I can’t help but think of those disciples of Jesus who were part of the first Holy Week, those folks who saw all this transpire. Imagine their anxiety level!

How did they react?  Much like we do!  Disbelief, Fear, Isolation, Doubt, Abandonment, Frustration, Anger. 

How did they deal with it?  Much like we do! They yearned for community, sought words of comfort and hope, supported each other and trusted.  Of course, this didn’t happen overnight, it was a process, a journey of faith really.  While they were dealing with the unknown they became aware of something much deeper and more meaningful, they came to sense of presence of Jesus in their midst.  They came to realize that nothing could separate them from the Love of Jesus Christ!

How did they do it?  Much like we do! They were open to experiencing Jesus’ presence and love in surprising ways.  They continued to worship in the synagogues while also moving beyond their comfort zone to gather in small groups for encouragement, learning, and service to others. They were open to engaging with Jesus and others in new and exciting ways. Sounds like us doesn’t it!

Now what does this mean?  For the time being we need to reinvent ourselves, that is do things differently than we have been.  We really don’t have any choice if we want to be the Body of Christ, the Church in this time and place.  We will still worship, learn, support, give and serve but in new and different ways! My hope is that we will learn somethings along the way.

Feel free to call/text me 630-675-8910  or e-mail jfdumke@gmail.com for any reason. It will be good to hear your voice. 

In Jesus’ Surprising Grace!
Pastor John


Pastor John is working from home and at the office 

Feel free to call or e-mail Pastor John 630-675-8910 jfdumke@gmail.com  

Rhonda will have limited office hours and will be checking on voicemail everyday.  

We don't know when we will be back into our sanctuary for worship.  We will return when the CDC and state lifts the restructures.

While we are not able to worship or gathering together our expenses continue.  We know its' a difficult and uncertain time but please continue in your offering.  You can mail it to the office or consider on line giving.  For more information on on-line giving contact the church office or use the Giving Plus+ App

We are writing this letter for several reasons with the main reason being the health and well being of our membership.  If anyone needs to talk to Pastor John or any church council member, please call as we are all here to help and listen.  Our main goal is to keep everyone healthy, so please be careful and be safe by practicing social distancing and hand washing.

With every church not being able to hold services due to the virus, we would encourage you to be faithful in your giving as we continue to have bills each month which need to be paid. Use the enclosed envelope to mail in an offering and please consider using on-line giving.  You can contact the church office for information. When we all work together, we will get through these troubled times. 

Even though, Our Saviors is delaying the building debt Capital Campaign gifts would still be welcomed and needed.

Steve Holte  Our Saviors  &  John Opshal   Skogdalen

Come for Supper events cancelled until further notice.

Come for Supper "CFS" Every Tuesday at OSLC
Social Hour- 4pm to 5pm Meal Served - 5pm to 6pm